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ORCS - Retirement Homes
Optimal Retirement Care Solutions is here to provide you with comprehensive  and professional healthcare in the comfort of your own home.
Do you operate a Retirement Home?  Are you looking to increase the length of stay and provide medical support to your staff and residents?  Do as many retirement homes are doing and provide a much needed on site health care service.
Services -Home Health
Services - Retirement Homes

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Services: Retirement Homes

Several retirement homes across the GTA have incorporated the services of Optimal Care within their facilities.  Providing the ultimate in health care convenience, a nurse practitioner is on site daily at the retirement home providing chronic and acute care management to all residents.  In addition to on site services, we provide your nursing staff 24/7 access  to our medical team (weekends and holidays included.)


At Optimal Care, we service all aspect of retirement living from independent, full retirement living, dementia care, assisted living units and palliative care.  Whatever you home needs we can offer the right solution for you.

With our unique and innovative on-site personalized health care model we will keep your residents healthier -  resulting in an increased average length of stay for your residents, reduce hospital transfers and provide additional support to your nursing staff.   We will improve resident/family satisfaction and promotion in your retirement communities.   Adding our services can effectively attract new residents to fill your suites!  

Services include: 


  • Nurse Practitioners on site Monday – Friday with 24/7 on call access (including weekends and evenings)

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • Acute Care Management

  • Disease & Injury prevention

  • Reduce Hospital Transfers

  • Resident Staff Support Services & Education

  • Family Care Conferences

  • Medication Reviews

  • Palliative Care Management

  • Hospital Advocacy

  • Assistance with Public Health Outbreak

  • Open communication with staff, residents and families

  • Pronouncement of Deaths



Service contracts are customized to your homes needs and are typically based on monthly resident occupancy rate.

 Call us today to inquire about contract terms and pricing.

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